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Sermons from First Baptist Church of St. Charles

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The Church Working and God Moving

Why do we gather this morning in a sanctuary? Because you are saved? You see it as an obligation? You are curious about God's Word? Or you have no idea why, but something told you to go. One thing is certain; we are gathered to worship God. He called all of us here together, no matter what our background is, to share His vision (Word) with all of us.




What Happened at Baptism?

How do you view baptism. Is it a ritual? Is it a Church Doctrine? What takes place in the water when people are baptized? It does not save you, but it is the start of your walk with Christ. It is the outward showing of what is happening in the heart. You HAVE to turn away from your old life and start living according to God's Word (Galatians 5:16-18)




More than Conquerors

We are more than conquerors in our faith that Jesus Christ is alive. The result of your salvation; your trust in Him, is that you love Him, thus you obey Him. As a result of this your mind is set on the Holy Spirit and not on the world. Ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you speak Jesus Christ? 2) Do you belong to Jesus Christ?