Free Life Church

Find Strength in The Lord God

Too many times we settle for second best. We experience hardship and just accept that it is part of life. When instead, we ought to recognize it for what it is. A moment to lean into God. And during our time of listening to and learning from God we may even begin to see our next step. I find that through God's Word we are able to see the way we are to handle life's lessons. Today we'll see that worship during the Old Testament was in need of an overhaul. We'll not only see why their worship needed to change but how we can begin to live up to God's plan for our lives. So, let's begin to take back our place before God and make sure the devil knows that his days are numbered. Are you ready for more peace, joy, and hope in your life? Then find strength today as we pursue God together for the life we were always meant to have. A life of promised victory. WILL YOU BEGIN TO FLY AS YOU WERE MADE TO? LET US ALLOW GOD TO LEAD & HELP US.