Free Life Church

Shining The Light of God

Feelings and emotions are part of being human, but if they are not properly treated then they can manifest themselves in a variety of unhealthy ways. And even if they are not visible to others, our lives can still be negatively impacted until we seek and find help. One way which I have found helpful is to surround myself with Christian friends, who will not only stand with me and help me to hear from God but, who will also help me to see and make the necessary changes to my life. According to scripture (1 John 3:1), people who have not yet accepted Christ do not fully understand or appreciate the significance of Christian fellowship. And I would even posit there are some people who claim to follow Christ that haven't yet fully embraced the power of true fellowship with God and His family. In today's message we'll consider the area's of our life which have yet to submit to God's authority and begin to invite His righteousness to rid ourselves of anything contrary to His will. In other words, let us all step out of the darkness and into the light.
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