First Assembly of God

Spiritual Desire

Summer Revival

#1 - Lord, send a revival of Spiritual Desire

Pastor Lowell Perkins - 07/29/2007



the definition of spiritual desire

  • a longing for closeness and connection with God

  • a longing for the speaking and stirring of God

  • a longing for right relationship with God

  • a longing for affirmation and assurance from God

  • a longing for fullness and freshness in God

  • a longing for excitement and enjoyment in God

  • a longing for satisfaction and significance in God


the deficiency of spiritual desire

  • worldly attractions can distract us

  • worldly affections can draw us

  • worldly appetites can dominate us

  • worldly apathy can deaden us


the development of spiritual desire

  • remember your spiritual heights - "Remember the height from which you have fallen.." RE. 2:5

  • revisit your spiritual hangouts - "Abram went ... to ... where he had first built an alter..." GE. 13:1

  • remove your spiritual hindrances - "Search me, O God, and know my heart..." PS. 139:23

  • revive your spiritual hunger - "As the deer pants... my soul pants for you, O God." PS. 42:1

  • rejoice in your spiritual heritage - "He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry..." PS. 107:9

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