First Baptist Church Lipan

4 X Four: Invest (3)

4 X Four: Invest
Scripture: Matthew 9: 35-38                      Key Verse: Matthew 9:38

1.       Identify, Intercede, Invest, Invite.
2.       Relationships matter.
3.       We aren't selling cars.

I.        Pictures of Investment
                   Jesus did it.
                   Paul did it.
                   Principles of investment.

II.       The Context of Life
                    Inside and outside of church.
                    Alone and with others.
                    What does investment look like?

III.    The Heart and the Hindrance
                    Love Like Jesus.
                    Working in our own power.
                    Fighting insecurity.

1.      Relationships are foundations.
2.      Investing is a form of love.
3.      Love requires giving of ourselves.

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