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The Necessity of God's Word to the Christian Life

The Necessity of God's Word to the Christian Life

2 Timothy 3:16-17

1. Scripture as From God

       The literal use of the word, "All"

        The importance of the Bible being God Breathed

                  The emphasis is on God who is doing the action and not man

                  God is the originator of all words of life

        The Bible is profitable (useful) for the believer

                  Don't be like Thomas Jefferson

2. What Scripture Does to an Inclined Heart

        Scripture is useful for Teaching

                   Scripture is the abiding standard to teach us essentially everything that we know

         Scripture is useful for Rebuking

                   Scripture convicts us of our sin

         Scripture is useful for Correcting

                   The Bible corrects our former way of living

         Scripture is useful for Training in Righteousnes

                   The Bible should always, on this earth, inform our way of living

3. The Purpose of the Inspired Text

        What is the ultimate purpose?

        The Ultimate Purpose is for Christians to be Adequate

                   Through the inspired Scriptures, you and I, who were once lost sinners deserving of death for our sins, have now become acceptable in the eyes of God.

         Another Ultimate Purpose for Christians is to be Equipped for every good work

                   The only way that we can even do good works that are pleasing to God is solely through the inspired Word of God and Christ's redeeming work on the cross.


      1. Do you believe that God breathed Scripture is good and true?

      2. Is that same God breathed Scripture teaching you today?

      3. What's keeping you from following Christ through good works in obedience?

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