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The Power of Jesus Over All Things Physical and Spiritual: Changing Unbelief to Faith

The Power of Jesus Over All Things Physical and Spiritual:

Changing Unbelief to Faith

Mark 9:14-19

  1. The Story
    1. The Setting
      1. Jesus has been traveling along the Sea of Galilee and has headed North to teach in new areas.
      2. In chapter 6 Jesus both walks on water as well as feeds the 5,000.
  • Two chapters later in chapter 8, he again feeds another 4,000 hungry people.
  1. Therefore, crowds have started to gather.
  2. In chapter 9, Jesus was transfigured on a mountain with Peter, James and John.
  1. The Situation of the Son
    1. In verse 15, the crowd runs to Jesus
    2. In verse 17, a voice comes from the crowd respectfully and humbly calls Jesus, “Teacher”, or “Master”.
  • This man brought his son to Jesus who was afflicted with demonic possession.
  1. Mark is wanting us to see how desperate the situation is and to hurt with the father.
  2. The father also says that the disciples were unable to heal the boy.
  1. Jesus’ Frustration
    1. Jesus answer in verse 19.
      1. Jesus answers “them”, not “him”.
    2. Jesus responds to the unbelief of the disciples in healing the child.
  • Jesus doesn’t give up on the disciples, but continues to teach them.
  1. After requesting the boy be brought to him, the demon sends the child into a seizure.
  2. Mark’s Gospel is the only Gospel that mentions Jesus’ question about the length of time that the boy has been possessed.
  3. Jesus asks because he cares.
  • The father answers that the boy has had this his whole life.
    1. We must be as desperate for Christ as this father.
  • The father then asks if Christ can do anything to help them.
  1. Jesus’ Response Looking for Faith
    1. Jesus’ response shows us the importance of faith and belief in Christ.
      1. God receives glory when we trust not in ourselves, but in the good sovereignty and mercy of our Creator.
      2. All things are possible means that God saved us out of the death that we rightfully deserved.
    2. Response of Belief
      1. The father cries out that he believes, but also realizes that he doesn’t believe perfectly.
        1. We should always be acknowledging that our faith is still lacking and that we still need God to help us with our unbelief.
      2. Jesus then rebukes the demon with all authority.
  • Very obvious that the demon knew who Jesus was.
  1. Though the boy appeared dead, Jesus picked him up, symbolizing what Christ does in salvation.
  1. Christ and the Disciples
    1. In verse 28, the disciples ask why they couldn’t heal the child.
    2. Jesus answers that healing is only possible through prayer and belief in God.
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