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Defining Moments:


Psalm 139

Dr. Steve Horn

January 18, 2015


Text Introduction: You may not be aware of this, but it is hard for me not to be thinking about preaching. Last year, while touring Washington, D.C., I saw a billboard that read “Defining Moments.” I don’t know the meaning of the billboard, but I jotted down that phrase. I was struck by just that phrase. Our lives are sprinkled with defining moments—moments that shape the rest of our lives, moments that are so important that the rest of lives hang in the balance of these moments. Over the next weeks, we will study from Scripture some of these defining moments that dot our lives. You may not experience every single one of them, but in those weeks, I hope that you will hang with us understanding that others need to view these defining moments through a Biblical lens. Today, we start with a moment that certainly we have all experienced—birth. If we are going to talk about moments in life that define us, it seems reasonable and practical to start with our births.


We start with a text—a very useful text from the Psalms about our individual creation story.


Text: Lord, You have searched me and known me.
You know when I sit down and when I stand up;
You understand my thoughts from far away.
You observe my travels and my rest;
You are aware of all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue,
You know all about it, Lord.
You have encircled me;
You have placed Your hand on me.
This extraordinary knowledge is beyond me.
It is lofty; I am unable to reach it.

Where can I go to escape Your Spirit?
Where can I flee from Your presence?
If I go up to heaven, You are there;
if I make my bed in Sheol, You are there.
If I live at the eastern horizon
or settle at the western limits,
10 even there Your hand will lead me;
Your right hand will hold on to me.
11 If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me,
and the light around me will be night”—
12 even the darkness is not dark to You.
The night shines like the day;
darkness and light are alike to You.

13 For it was You who created my inward parts;
You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I will praise You
because I have been remarkably and wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful,
and I know this very well.
15 My bones were not hidden from You
when I was made in secret,
when I was formed in the depths of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw me when I was formless;
all my days were written in Your book and planned
before a single one of them began.

17 God, how difficult Your thoughts are
for me to comprehend;
how vast their sum is!
18 If I counted them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand;
when I wake up, I am still with You.

19 God, if only You would kill the wicked—
you bloodthirsty men, stay away from me—
20 who invoke You deceitfully.
Your enemies swear by You falsely.
21 Lord, don’t I hate those who hate You,
and detest those who rebel against You?
22 I hate them with extreme hatred;
I consider them my enemies.

23 Search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my concerns.
24 See if there is any offensive way in me;
lead me in the everlasting way.

Introduction: God has been defining your moments since before you were born. Just how defining is this moment of birth?

Psalm 139 is a beautiful song of praise focused on the majesty and glory of God. Central to the majesty and glory of God is His omniscience (verses 1-6) and His omni-presence (verses 7-12). Beginning in verse 13, but still central to His majesty and glory, and central to His omniscience, omni-presence, and even His omnipotence, is His relationship with humanity beginning with creation. Central to this understanding of His creation of life is one grand theological truth. And, here it is!

God creates all life.

So, let’s review even already what we read a moment ago in Psalm 139. God knows all things. (1-6)  Theologians call this omniscience. We could also say that God is everywhere.  (7-12) Theologians refer to  this as God’s omnipresence. We could also say outside the bounds of this text, but all throughout Scripture, that God can do all things—that’s His omnipotence. We could also say that God creates all things. (13-16) Here is what we know about God. He creates all things. He creates all life. And what a wonderful job He has done.

There are several aspects to this creation that we ought to notice and let them speak to this question of how this defines us.

  • The Person Responsible for Creation

The life of every person is God’s idea. Biologically, we know that life requires a male and a female, but make no mistake, no life comes into being without God as the author of that life.

  • The Point that Life Begins

Scientists and physicians may debate the point at which life begins, but theologically and Biblically, there is no debate. God knew us when we were yet unformed. 

  • The Providence of God

God not only knew us before we were born, He was already at work making us unique. There has never been another person like you. Every person ever conceived has a uniqueness given to them by the hand of God. When that life is snuffed out, that uniqueness is snuffed out. 

So What? How does this view of the theology of creation impact our defining of life?

Impacts My View of All Human Life

If we are willing to accept these three Biblical truths, it is very difficult not to have strong pro-life views. The kind of strong pro-life view that actually negates the possibility of any other view.

What can we know about God? He creates all life. What does that suggest about the abortion issue?  How could anyone stand for the undoing of what God has done?

Impacts My View of My Life

  • My life is not my own.

My life belongs to God.

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Impacts My View of God

  • He knows me.

Go back to verse one in this text. He knows my character (v.1), my calendar (v.2), my contemplations (v.2b), my conduct (v. 3), my conversation (v. 4), my circumstances (v.5), and my capabilities (vv. 13-16).

  • He created me for relationship.
  • He is always with me.

I will never be alone. My friend, Waylon Bailey, of Covington, LA, says, “One thing I have known since my salvation is that I will never be alone.”

  • He created me for a purpose.
  • He loves me.

Impacts My View of My Future

So, just how defining is your birth to the rest of your life. If you miss what God was doing when He created you, you will miss everything that He wants to do in your life.


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