First Christian Church

Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord

Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord


1.  Yadah, is to praise, to revere or worship with extended hands.  To hold out your hands.  To throw a stone or arrow.

2.  Halal, is to boast.  To rave.  To shine.  To celebrate.  To be clamorously foolish.

3.  Zamar, is to make music.  To celebrate in song and music.  To touch the string or parts of a musical instrument.

4.  Towdah, is the extension of the hand.  Thanksgiving.  A confession.  A sacrifice or praise.  Thanksgiving for things not yet received.  A choir of worship.

5.  Barak, is to kneel.  To bless God (an act of adoration).  To Praise.  To Salute.  To thank.

6.  Shabach, is to address in a loud tone.  To shout.  To commend, glory, and triumph.

7.  Tehillah, is Laudation.  A Hymn.  A song of Praise.  A new song.  A spontaneous song.  

" Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name."  Psalm 103:1


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