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A Dear From John Letter

Preachers and commentators alike tend to avoid I John. It’s hard to outline, it’s repetitive, ideas overlap, there doesn’t seem to be a clear flow or direction. It reads like a patchwork of favorite verses and memorable lines. There seems to be an over emphasis on God and love. But if you think about it, two things that people most often get wrong in this world are God and love, so maybe it needs some over emphasis. The bottom line is clear. The writer wants us to know the joy of intimate fellowship with God, the kind of fellowship there is between a child and his father. The opening three verses are enough to scare off many writers and preachers. It is a grammatical tangle of phrases piled on top of each other. I like the outline one commentary uses that captures this confusing opening paragraph. What is “which”, who is “we”, and what does “we” have to say about “which” to “you”?