First Christian Reformed Church || Lynden

By What Power Do You Do This?

Have you ever done something good and had it backfire? Have you ever done a good deed, some act of kindness, been extra generous, selfless, and had it turn out badly? Maybe you loaned something it came back damaged or broken, you gave some money and never got repaid. Or maybe you just got ingratitude in return, no appreciation or thanks. Have you ever done what is right and suffered as a result? Have you ever had a negative outcome from a positive intention? Some cynical people would say no good deed goes unpunished. One day Peter and John were walking through the temple to a prayer gathering and they saw a crippled man, they offered healing to him in the name of Jesus. And they end up in prison. Scripture teaches that the reward for doing good and for pursuing godliness and for living in a Christ-like manner is not fame and fortune and popularity, but persecution. Our allegiance to a suffering Christ will result in suffering.