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Daniel Interprets Dreams

The purpose of the book of Daniel is not to teach us history, but to teach us spiritual truth. This is the revelation of God for His people in all ages and in all places. God knew they needed to hear this and He knows we need to hear it. This book is written so that God’s people will know the Lord Most High rules in the heavens and the earth and that on earth He rules the kingdoms of men and it is the Lord Most High who decides who rules and for how long. People foolishly say that the God of the OT is not a God of grace and love, but a God of justice and wrath. It is not true and the book of Daniel is further proof. All God’s warnings and admonitions and rebukes and corrections are grace; and those vessels He uses to deliver them are grace, are gifts, are cause for thanksgiving and worship. This dream and Daniel’s ability to interpret it are God’s grace to Nebuchadnezzar. Without them he would be left completely in his sin and utterly without hope. Consider the gift Nathan was to King David, and Abigail before that. The rooster that crowed and brought Peter to his senses and caused him to break down and weep in repentance was grace. So was Paul’s rebuke of Peter. Never despise God’s warnings and humbling, they are grace. The book of Daniel and the man Daniel are the compassion and kindness of God.
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