First Christian Reformed Church || Lynden

Joy in Our Future Reward

Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like to be a Christian in the time when Peter wrote this letter. Imagine living in a culture where the political system was increasingly antagonistic toward Christianity. Imagine living in a culture surrounded by temptations to sin, in an openly sexually immoral society, temple prostitution, corruption, greed, bribery. Imagine living is a world where other religions were opposed to you and your presence and persecuted you. Imagine feeling increasingly like an outsider, marginalized to the edges of society. Imagine living in a culture hostile to everything you stand for and live for. Imagine living in that kind of world and then on top of all that having to deal with all the normal issues of our sinful, fallen life. Disease, sickness, death, broken relationships, troubles and trial at work and at home, with parents or kids or neighbors. Can you imagine a world like that? Now if you were going to write a letter to someone living in a world like that, what would you say? Where would you start? What kind of hope and help and encouragement would you give? I Peter is that letter and it’s God’s Word to us, elect exiles scattered in Lynden, Bellingham, Everson, Nooksack, Sumas and Ferndale. If you are down or discouraged or defeated for any reason, listen to what Peter writes and take it to heart. His purpose in writing is to lift our hearts and our eyes above this present world, and to prepare and equip us for living in this world with hope. How he starts is very important.
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