First Christian Reformed Church || Lynden

No Other Name

Last week we noticed wherever the Gospel is being proclaimed or lived out, wherever the truth of God’s Word and Biblical morality is being held up as a standard, Satan is right there trying to hinder it. It’s what he has been doing since the Garden of Eden and is still doing. “As they were speaking,” the wicked were watching and lying in wait to seek an opportunity. Satan never rests in his relentless drive to kill Christ and kill His Church. We must remember we have an enemy of our souls, an enemy of this church, an enemy of every sermon preached here and of every good deed done here, an enemy of everything that is good. But we also noticed that every effort of Satan is ruled and over ruled by God. Nothing hinders the work of God and in fact God turns every work of Satan to God’s advantage. God continues to build His kingdom and to see that the Gospel of His Son is spread. We see this in two ways in our text. First, the number of believers grew to five thousand men in spite of the opposition. And second, the apostles are given the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the highest authorities of Israel, and they do so in the power of the Holy Spirit.
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