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O Come, O Come Emmanuel

How you ever noticed how much time we spend preparing for things? We spend the first 18-22 years of our life preparing for the adult working world. We spend five days of practice preparing for one football or soccer or volleyball game. We spend weeks buying presents and the kids are through them in twenty minutes. We spend months preparing for a big vacation that’s over in a week. Taking a test requires hours of preparation whether it’s a driver’s test or SAT or CPA. It takes hours and days to prep a house to paint. In our worship we encourage a week of preparation before taking communion. In the church calendar we have two long seasons of preparation before our two must significant events. Before Easter there are six weeks of Lent and before Christmas day there are four weeks of Advent. This is a sure sign of how important these two days are. We should not come to the manger or to the cross and empty tomb without taking some time for serious reflection and self-examination and preparation. It is worth noting that it is our custom to always begin the advent and lent season with communion. This reminds us to prepare, to examine ourselves, to take stock of our spiritual lives, to give attention to our souls.
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