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Shepherd Savior

To the first century Middle Eastern ear these words from John 10 were a sweet sound. Those words grounded in the long history of an agrarian people were rich in meaning and truth. “Before men dared to think of God as their Father, they called Him their Shepherd” (Charles Jefferson, The Minister as Shepherd, p. 14). When Jacob stretched out his hands to bless his son Joseph he said God had been his Shepherd all the days of his life (Gen. 48:15). The greatest heroes of our faith tended sheep. All of the OT patriarchs, the greatest of the lawgivers Moses, the sweetest of the poets David, and some of the mightiest of the prophets were all shepherds (see Jefferson, p. 40-41). One of the greatest Psalms, Psalm 23, was written by a shepherd who realized he had a shepherd and so he wrote from the perspective of a sheep who had a relationship with a shepherd. Psalm 23 begins with a stunning truth. This universe we live in and this earth we live on are created and sustained by a shepherd God. The great Almighty, all-knowing, creator God of the universe compares Himself to a shepherd. The Lord is our shepherd, we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care. We live in a world created by a shepherd God and we live in a world redeemed by a shepherd Savior. Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd three times in our passage. How good is our Shepherd Savior, and how is He good?
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