First Christian Reformed Church || Lynden

The Stoning of Stephen

You have heard often there are two kinds of people in the world. There are a million ways we can be divided into two camps. Huskies and Cougars. Ford and Chevy. Red States and Blue States. Coke and Pepsi. iPhone and Android. Those who eat the crust and those who don’t. Toilet paper over front or down the back. Morning people and those who want to shot morning people. Our text sets side by side a great contrast between Stephen and the Sanhedrin, a difference created by the presence or absence of the Holy Spirit, by one filled with the Spirit and those resisting the Holy Spirit. We see those that look around and one who looks up. Those filled with rage and one filled with peace. Those who show no mercy and the one who prays for mercy. Those ready to kill and one ready to die. Those who hate and one who loves. Those who are acting according to the flesh and one who sees and says and does things the flesh never could.