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Walk in the Same Way He Walked

Nine years ago Patrick and I went on a road trip to a church conference in Moscow, Idaho. Patrick drove using his GPS. When we got to Pullman the GPS sent us on a route that I knew was wrong and had to talk Patrick into turning around and going a different way. We have had GPS arguments ever since. On-line there are whole websites devoted to GPS disasters. A woman in England following her GPS drove her $175,000 Mercedes into a river. Three Japanese tourists in Australia drove their rental car down a gravel road into the Pacific Ocean. A retired couple in Germany followed their GPS off the road and literally right into a church. People have followed their GPS onto railroad tracks, down flights of stairs, and up such a narrow mountain path they had to be rescued by helicopter. And yes, there have been several deaths from blindly following GPS. You can end up going where you don’t want to go if you don’t pay attention to the signs. Paying attention to signs is important even when you have GPS. I John is a book of signs, three signs actually, that tell us if we are on the right path going the right direction. We will see all three signs in chapter two, but they reappear in later chapters as well. The first sign is the moral sign in 2:3-6. This sign is about obeying the commands of God. The second sign is the social sign in 2:7-11. This sign is about loving the people of God. The third sign is the doctrinal sign in 2:18-27. This sign is about having faith in God. So these three signs in John can be our GPS to help us be sure we are on the right path going the right direction, signs that we are a Christian and that we are on the path of Christ.
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