First Presbyterian Church | Colorado Springs


This week's sermon 

The cross is everything. But it means next to nothing until you believe. I’m here to tell you it happened. We are here to testify once again to these events. This happened. There is no getting around the empty tomb and the sightings of the risen Jesus. On Friday, there were 12 apostles and a few hundred followers, and the founder of their faith died suddenly and shamefully. Today there are 2.2 billion followers of Jesus—a third of the world population.

It’s not because Jesus taught us to love each other—not primarily (although He did). It’s not because Jesus promised health and wealth (He didn’t). It’s not because Jesus promised some spiritual rocket ship out of this world. It’s because the followers of Jesus saw Him alive after He was supposed to be dead, and suddenly everything he taught meant something new. It validated their suspected faith. God was God. Jesus was His Son. His sacrifice on the cross was perfect, accepted, and effective to unite any person with God and begin the redemption of the whole world through His followers. Do you believe this? Paul knew about the Cross of Christ. His was the most radical transformation you could imagine (like ISIS becoming Billy Graham). It happened because he did what he says we ought to do in Romans 10. Set your hope on the Cross of Christ. Believe.

About The Cross Series

There is no more central symbol of Christianity than the cross. Paul declares the cross the very core of the Gospel. The Gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John spend a third of their time on the passion, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus. How we understand the Cross of Christ changes everything about how we understand God, the world—even life itself. When we consider all that Jesus did there, we stand amazed.

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