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Gentle - The Appealing Quality

Gentleness is strength put into the service of others.


This week's sermon

Gentleness is appealing. It creates a draw. In our efforts to defend and explain our Christian faith, we often lose the critical injunction at the end of 1 Peter 3:15, “do this with gentleness and respect.” We enter an argument with an eye to win. That means to dominate in logic, in fact, in power. This verse tells us to enter the discussion with gentleness and respect. In the defense of the hope that is in us, we are not trying to defeat the person asking but to show them Jesus with respect and gentleness. This is so different from the way people argue today, it stands out and draws people toward it. Gentleness has its own appealing allure.

About This Series: Gentle

Of the nine fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5, gentleness is the one we most often overlook. To be gentle is to be kind and loving, full of grace. When we stand firm as Christians and defend the faith, we are taught to do it gently and with respect. Someone who truly attends to growing in gentleness will stand out in this world. Gentleness will reflect the light of Jesus.

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