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Suffering Debunks God. Really?

Can we begin to look at pain and suffering as opportunities rather than problems?

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This Week's Sermon

A merciful God would never allow people to suffer. A loving God would never consign sinners to damnation. When you meet those happy clappy Christians, just ask them about suffering and they will have no answer. Suffering disproves the existence of God. Really? Not really.

All suffering can be used and redeemed by God in the end. Suffering is necessary. And God's answer to suffering has been to enter into it with us.

Question: Do you think God is inherently good? Why do you think people go through difficult times?

About This Series: Really? – Untruths Uncovered

Many untrue things get said about God, Jesus, the Bible and the Church. Let’s expose some false narratives as we walk toward Easter this year. We are not trying to win arguments but to begin conversations with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). Each week’s sermon will provide a thoughtful question so you can start a conversation with a skeptic or non-believer. Ultimately, Easter morning declares the greatest news. Everyone said Jesus was dead, and that death would hold Him forever. Really? Guess what—Jesus is alive again!


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