First Presbyterian Church of Starkville

Pray in the Power of the Lord’s Prayer and the Prayers of the LORD


John 17; Luke 23:34; Mark 14:32-36

The “Lord’s Prayer” actually = the Prayer/Way for the Lord’s disciples to pray.

The LORD’s own Prayers – within the Godhead.

The Power of both: totally integrated.

Holy Week Prayers of the Lord: Personal & Powerful

Jesus’ “High Priestly Prayer” [John 17/ cf. His Heavenly Intercession] & Other Holy Week Prayers

  1. Pray for the Father and Son to be glorified; Thank God for the Glorification.

 “Yet, not what I will, but what You will.” Mark 14:36b

  1. Pray for the Lord’s own to be kept in the Father’s Name and Word, filled with Christ’s glory and joy.

- Pray for forgiveness, deliverance, and God’s power

Our Sin Problem – Of Garfield Phones and Black Holes: The Surface Reality of sins & debris that keep washing ashore, and the infinitely deeper Black Hole of our Sin.

- Pray for neighbors, even for our enemies, and forgiving those who “owe” us [“debtors”]

Jesus said, “Father, forgive then, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34a

Prayers of Jim Elliott and David Howard for Peter Schneider

  1. Pray for your & our witness in the Word to others, and ... pray for those who will believe through your & our witness outreach in the Word.
  2. Pray for all God’s own people not to be taken out of the world but to be sent into the world in mission – yet kept from the evil one – and to be sanctified & united in God’s Truth, knowing & living in the Lord’s joy, glory, and love.

Prayer of Parents & Others for Children and Others Who Are on Our Hearts Father, please know and call ________________ as one of your own. Inspire ME to be a faithful witness in your Word to him/her and may others in your church on Sunday each week be faithful witnesses to him/her.

Please may ___________ believe and be born again in Your Spirit unto eternal life and may he/she glorify You and remain always in your Word, joy, and love.

So please forgive __________ of sin and unfaithfulness, empower him/her to forgive his/her debtors, to pray for even his/her enemies, and to be sanctified in your grace.

Do not take ___________ out of the world, but please keep him/her from the evil one and keep him/her sanctified in God and his Truth.

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