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Noah and The Flood (Part 2)

God looks down at the human race and he is absolutely broken over the condition of people's hearts. All they want to do is sin and that's all they want to do all the time.

And so... God feels something. I love this verse. It's one of the most painful verses in all of Scripture. It shows us that God is not just a concept or a force. He's a Divine person, and just as you and I feel joy and pain and hope and loss, God feels. 

God is an emotional, a passionate God, and we are made in his image and likeness... So we also are passionate, emotional people, and looking upon human sin, what we see is the emotions of God. 

How does God feel when we sin and disobey? It tells us here in verse 6

God is broken over our sin... God is saddened, God is grieved. 

And God knows that he just can't allow sin to continue indefinitely... it’s too destructive, sin and evil and death and injustice, so God has to deal with it... vs.7

So... Hopelessness! 

However... we immediately are given a word of encouragement and hope on God's behalf... vs.8 

Some of you have heard that God chose Noah because Noah was a righteous man... He wasn't... Noah was a wicked man. 

Scripture tells us in the previous verses that everyone was only wicked all the time. 

What we find here is that Noah was given favor... It's the first Hebrew occurrence of the word “grace” in your Bible. 

God looked down at Noah and said, “I'm gonna be nice to you, though you're not a nice man. I will be good to you, though you are not a good man. I will be patient with you, though you are an impatient man. I will be tender toward you, though you are hardened man. I will be concerned about you, though you are not concerned about me. That I will pay close attention to do you good, though you have done nothing but harm.” 

And God gives grace to Noah... favor.

From this point forward, then, God told Noah, “You have 120 years before I flood the earth... At that point, I will kill everyone and everything. The wage for sin is death and the consequence is coming.”

Chapter 7 picks up, then, the beginning of the flood, Genesis Chapter 7. 

Here's where we step back into the story... Genesis 7:1-4

We’ve jumped 120 years here... and now God says, “I will send the rain and I will flood the earth for forty days, and the rain will commence in one week.”

Two things I find interesting that we need to note... did you notice that the animals were loaded into the ark in one week... what do you think that must have looked like?

Second, do you see the specificity of God? 

God is giving everyone an opportunity to repent, and He is saying the time is now very, very, very short. There's a week. 

Just for a moment... put yourself in the place of Noah. You're a regular person living your life, sinning like everyone else. God comes to you. He saves you by grace. He gives you a job to do, to build a large boat for an impending flood. He tells you to build it in the middle of the desert. You build it with your sons, everyone thinking that you were a fool, and in the meantime, you're preaching righteousness, saying that a flood is on the way. Then God comes to you and he says, “Seven more days, the rain will begin, and it will not end for 40 days until the earth is flooded.” What do you say? What do you do?

What do you do under those circumstances? Do you argue with God? Do you plead with God for more time? Do you curse God because he has no right to take human life that he has made? Do you disrespect God? Do you dishonor God? 

Throughout the book of Genesis, God speaks to all of the patriarchs directly except for Joseph. Joseph, he speaks to through a dream. 

Throughout the book as well, when someone is acting in faith, they respond by just doing what God said, and when they react in unbelief, they sit there and talk to God. 

Usually in Genesis, talking to God is bad and listening to God is good. 

Here's what Noah does... Genesis 7:5

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