Fredericksburg United Methodist Church

Making a Straight Path

As we are “I witnesses” to the Christmas story for Mark’s telling of it, there is no mention of angels, shepherds, Zechariah and Elizabeth, or even Mary and Joseph. We hear instead from Isaiah of John the Baptist’s part of birthing Christ. In Mark’s witness, John the Baptist proclaimed God’s message and prepared the way for Jesus’ ministry. To focus directly on how John prepared hearts for Christ, Mark leaves all the other stuff out of the Christmas narrative. John’s calling was preaching for the community to return to God; to repent. Through him, people confessed their sins and were made ready of Jesus.

 How might you need to repent in this Season?  As means of truly witnessing the gifts of Christmas, is God calling you to forgiveness and grace first? Also, importantly, where are you about the work of making others ready to know Jesus?

 This prayer is suggested as a means of drawing closer to God’s Spirit this Season to engage your own work of preparing the way for Jesus.

Dear God, like the Israelites of John the Baptist’s day, I am in need of a Savior.
I hear a voice calling for me to return; to return to You, God.
Yet, I am in a rush, and I am focused everywhere else.
This Advent season forgive me of my Christmas-ing, for all that I attempt that is not of you.
Fill me with your Holy Spirit, so like John the Baptist, I, too, can make a way for others to know the goodness of the Gift of your Son, my Savior.  Amen!



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