Fredericksburg United Methodist Church


This week's focus in our series "How Do I Please God" is preparation.  How do you prepare for worship or do you?  

 We prepare for other meaningful practices. We train for the upcoming race. We shop for supplies for a trip. We study for exams. We attempt to rest when we know we are going to be busy. We do these things because we know that better preparation brings better results.  Therefore, if worship is important for us and pleasing to God, shouldn’t we prepare for it?

 Consider what might help you to be in a prepared place to experience God. Make a list of things that you feel hinder you when you seek to worship. Take the list and discern how to adequately prepare so that the hindrances are minimized. Come up with a plan so that you are ready to encounter God when you worship. Try it out. Tweak it, and learn from successes, all while giving honor and thanksgiving to our amazing God.