Fredericksburg United Methodist Church


This week's focus in our series "How Do I Please God" is on protocol. How do we engage in worship that is pleasing to God?

 Protocols spell out the “how” of doing something so that we may more fully integrate the “why.”   Our Scripture passage today gives us a protocol for worship.  It gives us ways we can engage in worship so that we can more deeply know that One that we worship.   Is our worship simply a ritual or do we worship with the expectation of an encounter with the living God?

 Consider your focus in worship.  Does your worship draw you into the presence of God?  What are your expectations of that experience?  When in your life have you felt like you were in a place where heaven and earth intersected?  How might you use that experience to more deeply experience the presence of God in worship.  Does our worship look like the biblical model given to us by the psalmist?


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