Gathering Community Church

Preparing the Way for Jesus, Part 56

The world is filled with families who are broken and hurting. The world is full of single parent families who are struggling in almost every aspect of life; finances, relationships, raising their children, trying to make decisions that can make them feel very alone and vulnerable. There are families who have remained together but are no less challenged with raising children who have strayed from the family or their faith. Regardless of the circumstances, as a parent, there are always plenty of opportunities for anxiety and concern. Some have yet to have the privilege of being in a marriage and/or with children. And that carries its own set of anxieties and concerns. Regardless of our age, marital status, with our without children, God’s desire is to bring all of us to a place where we realize that what we thought would make us whole and happy without him, can only be realized within him. AND how we live our lives on our journey to repentance and especially our journey following our repentance, matters.
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