Gathering Community Church

Preparing the Way for jesus, Part 63

Jesus is asked the following question, “When is the kingdom of God going to come?” Jesus is saying that the kingdom of God is about much more than things seen such as: land, power, riches, politics and freedom. The riches of His kingdom are not dependent upon your circumstances (good our bad) whether they be financial, or love or love lost, deep meaningful relationships or utter loneliness. When Christ returns, it will be unmistakable. The sky will light up like lightning going from east to west in milliseconds. Humanity will be dumbfounded and spiritually asleep just they have always been. They will be carrying on with that which seems so important at the time. They will be feasting and drinking and making investments, and selling, and upgrading, and going to church…but it will all end. And for most of the people it will end very badly.