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Pursue after things of above - English

Set your affections on things above not on things on the earth  Col 3:2


What should we pursue after which would lead us to set our affections on things above


1. Peace - for the Kingdom of God is Peace    Rom 14:19


2. Edification and fellowship with the children of God which would lead to the Kingdom

    of God     -    Rom 14:19


3. Love - Kingdom of God is Love and God is Love  - I Cor 14:1


4. Goodness -  God and Kingdom of God is full of Goodness - we will carrying our good

    works along with us to meet him. I Thes 5:15


5. Righteousness - Kingdom of God is righteousness.   – I Tim 6:11, II Tim 2:22


6. Holiness - without which no man shall see God.  Defiled cannot enter into the

    Kingdom of God.  He that is holy let him be holy still.   Heb 12: 14


7. Hospitality - Kingdom of God is full of hospitality       Rom 12 :  13


8. Prophesy - to have the revelation and to know and to have the mind of God , is seeking

    the things above.  I Cor 14 : 39




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