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Unacceptable-Meditations of our Heart -Tamil- Part - I - 06.09.09

Meditations of the heart - there acceptable and unacceptable meditations of heart.

Part I we are going to see the unacceptable meditations of the heart -

1. Lucifer said in his heart in Isaiah 14: 12-15 - he lifted himself above God and he was cast down. Whereas in Phil 2:6-9 our Lord Jesus Christ who being in the form of God counted not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation took the form of man and became a bond servant and humbled himself in obedience to God to the point of his death and God exalted his name above every other name.

2.In Gen 16  Hagar despised her mistress in her heart when she was conceived.  This is a spirit of bond woman.   we should not be children of Bond woman but children of promise or children born of the spirit not of the flesh.

3. Luke 18:9,10 The Pharisee who prayed within himself boasting about his own righteous which is filthy rags in the sight of God.Whereas the publican openly confessed his shortcoming who was made righteous.

4. Luke 7:37:39 The Pharisee who invited Jesus - said in his heart the woman who touched Jesus was a sinful woman that Jesus if he was a prophet he would have known.  He condemning the woman but Jesus in his said to the woman - your faith has saved you , go in peace.   We should have the heart of Jesus to lead people to salvation and not a heart of pharisee to condemn people.

5. Luke 12:   The rich man said and thought to himself to his soul about the riches that he had earned and saved  for himself to enjoy. God rebukes the rich man and condemns coveteousness and says that we should be rich in the Lord.

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