Grace Baptist Church

Grace at Work in Our Disgusting Sins

“I can’t believe I did that.” Or “I can’t be he did that” (or she). Many people feel the weight of guilt and shame over things that they did that they can’t believe. They feel the hopelessness of brokenness in their own lives and relationships. They feel lost and abandoned by God. They wonder if there is any grace for them. Of course, some people never get to this point. They sin without ever realizing how bad it is. They live blindly in much need of grace without even knowing it. The good news of Grace at Work is that there is always more grace. As God has said in his word, “Where sin increases, grace increases much more.” From the work of grace in confronting us in our sin all the way to the work of grace in restoring our soul, grace comes when and where we need it most. It doesn’t always look like we think it should, but it meets us at our greatest point of need and draws us back to God. Today we see grace at work in the life of someone who did something disgusting to most people. He made it worse by adding more sins to it. He paid a heavy price for it. But grace was still at work because of God. This grace from an old story reminds us of a much needed daily lesson—that grace works even in our disgusting sins.
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