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Jesus said He was the Christ - What say you? - Mark 14:53-65

The Sanhedrin was there at their trial of Jesus to make a judgment. The entire trial was a sham. It was completely a miscarriage of any semblance of justice. However, there is one sliver of legitimacy to this trial. “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” That is what the Sanhedrin had to make a judgment upon. Remember, Jesus is in complete control of all of these events. They did not turn Judas; Jesus sent him. They did not forcibly arrest Jesus – he allowed them to arrest him. He has not answered any question that he has not wanted to answer. Why answer this question. I think that the reason that he answered this question was because he wanted to. So, why would he want to answer this specific question? All of those other questions where abstractions. I don’t think Jesus wanted to be convicted on any abstraction of the law. Remember, Jesus intends to be convicted. Jesus is not answering questions so that somehow he will not be convicted. He plans on being convicted. If you plan on being convicted, what then is very important? The charge! Jesus wants the charge to be the correct charge. That means the question has to be the right question. Jesus has done a lot of things in his ministry that they could have convicted him on. He does not want to be convicted on an abstraction. He is waiting for the right charge. To get to the charge, he needs the right question. He was waiting for this question. Are you the Christ? This is the most important judgment that anyone can make, “is Jesus the Christ”. The way you answer that question is the most important decision that any person can make. There are some who will deny that he is. There are some who will believe what he says. There are some who will say that they don’t know. There are some who will say that it doesn’t matter. The question is before us all, just like the question that was asked Peter and the Disciples. Christ is asking all of us, “who do you say that I am”? You can read how Jesus answered that question. Do you believe him; do you trust him; do you know him; will you follow him; the Son of God, the great I AM.
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