Grace Community Church

Earthen Glory #15

1. Walk in love (vs 1-2) It is a practice, not a theory. 

  • love as his beloved children- we are special and favored and are inspired with a whimsical curiosity to imitate Him.
  • love as Christ loved us - a fragrant offering, selfless and sacrificial.
  • love as saints - holy ones devoted to God - patient, kind, long suffering, courteous and bearing with one another

2. Walk in light (vs 8-9) as his children. You take on the character of the sphere you inhabit.

  • a comparison to help clarify - Paul clarifies that this love influences the way we live and the result is light
  • truth and light go hand in glove

3. Five tips for loving "sandpaper people". 

  • Start with Faith - in the Lord not in your feelings
  • Start with God - go to him; admit your lack of love and ask for help
  • Do it and don't wait for the feelings, knowing that is what God desires of you. It becomes easier with the doing.
  • Be Light - reveal and expose with the truth in love. Consistently try to love others with show them.
  • If you make a Mistake, fix it in the same love that you made it. That's Light!


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