Harbor Presbyterian - Downtown

Celebrating God's Goodness

God Delivers, so I will rejoice





God is in Control, so I will Rest





God Knows, So I will Trust




God has a Plan, so I will Hope


Community Group Discussion Questions

  1. Share one big prayer request that God has answered in your life.  How did you respond?  By praying?  Singing?  Something else?


  1. Review 1 Samuel 1.  What were the difficult circumstances that Hannah was facing?  How did God answer her prayers?


  1. There are many examples in Scripture when God delivered his people and they responded by praying and singing to God.  Exodus 15 would be one example.  What are some others?


  1. How do the three declarations in verse 2 relate to one another?  Is the fact that God is holy related to the fact that he is our Rock?


  1. In verses 6-8, Hannah underscores God’s control and sovereignty.   How do these truths lead us to praise?


  1. How does the birth of Samuel and Hannah’s prayer fit into the big picture of the history of God’s dealing with Israel?  What are the parallels we find in the New Testament that point us to Christ?
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