West Hills Presbyterian PCA

Defeat at Ai: The Lord's Discipline

The following main headings were the structure of the sermon outline:

1.  The ups-and -downs of the life of faith:  the victory followed by defeat matches the experience of us ordinary Christians.

2.  Danger of Greed:  Achan's deliberate sin against God illustrates the danger of greed

3.  God's Desire/Plan for a Holy People:  The Lord's serious and decisive action to disclose who sinned, reveal his sin, and bring swift judgment indicates His will for His people--we are to purge the evil from our midst.  Personal and Corporate application.

4.  Seriousness of Sin in God's Eyes:  We are too comfortable with sin and williing to overlook it in ourselves and others.  Every sin deserves the wrath and punishment of God.  The example of Achan should be a vivid reminder to us what God thinks of our greed, selfishness, materialism, resentment, malice, lust, etc.