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Grace Given, Grace Received

The story of the woman at the well is very well-known story in the Bible.  It is about a Samaritan woman who goes in the middle of the hot afternoon to get water from Jacob's Well.  There she meets Jesus.  He asked her for some water, which was very strange for a Jew to ask a Samaritan and a woman for anything.  When she asked about that, He told her that if she had asked Him He would have given her living water.  What Jesus meant was that if the woman wanted he would give her everlasting life.  The woman came for water, what she thought she needed, but Jesus offered her what she really needed: Him and the eternal life He could give her.

The Samaritan woman had been married 5 times which would have been shameful.  That may be why she went to the well so late in the day so that no one else would be there to talk about her.  Jesus knew about her marriages and rather than talk badly about her, he talked kindly to her.

After talking with Jesus, the disciples come back.  They had gone into town looking for food.  The woman saw them coming and ran back to town, leaving her water pitcher.  This woman who was once afraid of the townspeople, now was running to them to tell them about Jesus.  Her life had been changed and she received grace-just what she needed.  She wanted to share this grace with others.

If you believe in Jesus, you also have received grace. Don't you think others should hear about it? Don't you want to let others know so they can receive grace.

The woman told everyone, and before long they were all headed to the well to meet this man Jesus. Many of them believed in Him and it was all because a woman invited them to meet him.




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