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Successful Kingdom Living: A Profile, Part 2

Successful Kingdom Living:   A Profile, Part 2

Profiling the Real Deal

Matthew 7:1-23 

Today we continue with the last 5 of 8 traits in the profile of a Christ-follower: 

  • Humble rather than hypocritical
    • Matthew 7:1-5 · James 3:1-12 · John 7:24 · Luke 6:37-38 · Galatians 6:1-3 
  • Reverent not wasteful
    • Matthew 7:6 · Exodus 20:7 · Philippians 2:12-13 · 1 Peter 1:17-19 
  • Obedient not complacent
    •  Matthew 7:13-14 · Luke 6:46-49 
  • Discerning rather than naive
    • Matthew 7:15-18 · Matthew 7:19-20 · James 3:11-13 · Jude 4    Matthew 24:24-25 · 2 Peter 2:1 
  • Authentic rather than casual (not fake)
    • Matthew 7:21 · Matthew 7:13-14 


  • Let’s use this profile as a mirror for self-examination and change, rather than as a set of binoculars to scrutinize others; taking the log out of our own eye before removing anyone’s speck. 
  • Let’s ask and answer this question in our own hearts, “What are my next steps?” 

Growth Group Questions:  

  1. Was there anything that surprised you in the profile we developed from Scripture? What was it, and why did it surprise you?  
  1. As we’ve studied the Sermon on the Mount, we’ve seen how our inward thinking and attitudes should display themselves in our lives (inside-out living). The strength of each trait (its outward manifestation) may vary from person to person; however, neither should they be invisible most (or all) of the time?  Does the idea of this profile make you uncomfortable?  Why?  Why not? 
  1. In Matthew 7:1-5 (and Luke 6:37-38) we see a word of caution to those who are apt to spend time scrutinizing others as a hobby or a passion. While we do see we  are to evaluate ourselves and others, why is caution necessary? 
  1. In Matthew 7:12 we find “the Golden Rule;” which many cite yet, so few apply. Why do you think so few apply this in their lives? 
  1. One of the often-forgotten themes of the Sermon on  the Mount is self-evaluation (see Matthew 5:24-30; Matthew 6:1; Matthew 7:21-23).  Why do we prefer to evaluate and judge others rather than ourselves?  Do you ever find yourself falling into this trap? 
  1. Jesus calls us to be discerning (Matthew 7:6; 13-20). Why do so many shy away from obeying His exhortation and command in this area? 
  1. What is the most important thing you have learned from this series and why? 
  1. What will you be doing with all you have learned? What are your next steps?


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