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Successful Kingdom Living: Prayer, Part 2

Prayer, Part 2

Basic Principles of Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13 

Consider incorporating these four principles into your personal prayer time: 

  • Praise (vv. 9, 10) 
  • Repent (v. 12) 
  • Ask (vv. 11, 13) 
  • Yield (v. 10) 


  1. Have you heard or learned anything that surprised you?
  2. Have you ever spent time studying prayer (in the Bible) in order to identify and incorporate Biblical principles of prayer into your prayer life?
  3. Have you set aside specific times for ‘routine’ prayer and worship?
  4. How would you feel if someone you were talking to, about something vitally important, were to doze off while you were listening to them?
  5. What happens to people in the workplace who fail to make and keep appointments with their supervisor or employer (or customer)? How might we apply this to prayer?
  6. When people approach people they respect, or notable persons; they do so with care, often choosing carefully the words they say in the presence of those they respect or wish to impress. How might this apply to our prayer life?
  7. If you deeply hurt someone one day and the next morning walk up and start talking to them out of the blue---how would that play out in your relationship with that person? How might this apply to our prayer life and confession of our wrongs perpetrated against God in Christ?
  8. After these two sermons on prayer, what are your next steps in improving your prayer life?
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