Hillside Church

When Fear Strikes

Proposition:   Psalm 34 provides insights in how to face those fearful times that come to all of us from time to time.

 Celebrate who God is….and Thank Him.

Psalm 34:1-3; Philippians 4:4-7, 13

Tell it like it is…don’t try to cover up

Psalm 34:4-5

Relax…He’s got you covered

Psalm 34:6

Count on it…He is with you

Psalm 34:7

Big Idea:  Fears provide another opportunity to trust God (Psalm 56:3)


  1. Attend to your walk with God so you are better prepared to face fears
  2. Grow in your worship to nourish your soul, so you are equipped with a God-focus
  3. Cultivate relationships with at least a few who would join you in the “Waiting Room”


  1. “I will bless the Lord” is an expression of praising God and thankfulness. To bless the Lord means that we recognize God’s strength and more.   In light of who God is, we bless Him in our gratitude and joy in seeing and experiencing it. 
  1. How could this attitude (gratitude and joy) affect you as you face fears? 
  1. In verse 1 David expresses gratitude for God as Jehovah, the One who is continually with His people, the One who has always existed. In other words, we can never go where God isn’t.   God is with you always:    How could this truth affect your response to a fearful situation? 
  1. In Psalm 34:4-5 the writer champions honesty before God: expose your fears to Him.   Anticipate His deliverance from your fears.  What might keep us from being transparent before God when we are afraid?
  1. Psalm 34 is a song of worship. How has music served to take your mind off the present fear and re-focus on Scripture and the truth of who God is?   What are some specific songs that help you to “bless the Lord?”
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