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John 7:25-31

Read: John 7:25-31

     I.        Introduction – we have been out of John for a little while now, but to catch us back up we last heard Jesus teaching about the Sabbath and his working on the Sabbath.  He had healed someone which angered the religious leaders.  He reveals that someone is seeking to kill Him and his comments elicit the response that we read today in these seven verses. 

   II.        Man is incapable of prevent the actions of God

a.  This point is so distinctly clear in this passage.  Jesus speaks publicly.  He is speaking about the very things that the crowds assumed would get Him in trouble and yet there seems to be no anger or outrage among the religious leaders.  They are just standing by and letting this happen.  It is so bad that the crowds begin to think that the religious leaders secretly think He is the Messiah.  Of course that is far from the truth.  What is going on here is what comes our clearly in verse 30.  They could not seize Him because His time had not yet come. God knew down to the second when Jesus’ “hour” would arrive and until then there was nothing that anyone could do to change that hour.

b.  We need to understand that we do not prevent the actions of God.  He has perfect knowledge and a perfect view of the future and what will happen in it.  All those things which God has declared will come to pass in God’s time and by His doing.  Our best laid plans should always be with the understanding that we serve a God who is in control.  There is nothing that can be done to foil His plans. 

  III.        Jesus is able to spoil the ways and thoughts of men

a.  Those who were seeking to seize Jesus and put Him to death find quickly that circumstances keep preventing this from happening.  Many times in the Gospel do we find that the religious leaders intend to catch Jesus doing this or that or take Him when it would not cause an uproar, and yet that never seems to work out.  Here in this passage we see two places where this happens

                                         i.    Jesus spoils their thoughts because they are looking for Him to be something He is not.  They think He can’t be the Messiah since they know where He is from and whenever the Messiah came, they wouldn’t not know where He was coming from. 

                                       ii.    He also spoils their actions because when they seek after Him, His hour had not come. 

b.  This, for us, is the flipside of the first point.  While we do not spoil God’s plans, He is capable and willing to spoil ours.  He often takes what we have decided in our minds and turns it upside down for the purpose of His glory.  The people of Jerusalem wanted a weak Messiah who was not mighty to save like our God.  They wanted a politician, a king, a great army general, but that did not scratch the surface of what they needed.  Friends, we serve a God who will take our poorly designed plans and dreams and remind us that He has plans for us, plans far greater than any we could conceive.  As a matter of fact, His best plan leads us to our third point. 

 IV.        Men are Split by the Revelation of God

a.  This passage makes clear that the teaching of Jesus, i.e. God’s revelation to humanity, divides men, women, boys, and girls.  He basically says in verses 28 & 29 that they really don’t know where He comes from, as they claimed and they don’t know who sent Him.  If they did, He says, they would know that God is true that that He is from God.  These things they do not know, however.  His teaching, however, begins to show fruit in verse 31.  Many in the crowd believe in Him because of what He has said and taught.  They ask the question, When Christ comes, He will not perform more signs that those which this man has, will He?  Of course, the answer is “no.”  “No” because there will be no other Christ, this is The Christ, and they are believing in Him.  They are now split from the rest of the crowd.

b.  For us today, we should understand that Christ splits people.  The name of Jesus has split families, friends, countries, and even churches.  When God reveals Himself, people takes sides.  Since God has revealed Himself in His Word, He has forced people to take sides.  Thinking of our first two points this morning, He has foiled any plan that someone might have to stay neutral or “leave church to the religious people” or to pick and choose what religious faiths they might want to taste of.  God’s plan is for people to decide whom they will follow.  This is a plan that cannot be thwarted and the Gospel causes this division. 

  V.        Challenge – We are so blessed this morning that the God we serve did not separate Himself from us.  He ultimately spoiled the worst laid plan that man had ever put together…sin.  He devised His own plan through Christ.  A plan that men tried to stop, but one that God worked out to fruition.  Today humanity stands divided.  There are those who have believed that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, and the Son of the Living God.  And there are those who have rejected God’s plan.  Today, if you are here and have never turned from your plan that leads to failure, to the beautiful plan of Christ, do not leave here relying on yourself, but trust in the grace, forgiveness and mercy of our Sovereign God. 

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