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Getting the Most Out of Life – Matthew 13:33-50

Getting the Most Out of Life – Matthew 13:33-50


1.   You must have a definite purpose. (v. 45)

      A.   A definite purpose brings happiness that can never be found in aimlessness.

      B.   A definite purpose produces power that comes from concentration of energy.

      C.   A definite purpose avoids pitfalls that would otherwise lure you.


2.   You must have high standards. (v. 45)

      A.   High standards cannot be easily satisfied.

      B.   High standards must never be compromised.

      C.   High standards always win the respect of others.


3.   You must have a proper sense of values. (v. 46)

      A.   A proper sense of values does not confuse value with popularity.

      B.   A proper sense of values chooses things that are worthy.


4.   You must have a sacrificial spirit. (v. 46)

      A.   A sacrificial spirit forsakes all that comes between oneself and God.

      B.   A sacrificial spirit is capable of giving more than it receives.

      C.   A sacrificial spirit does not follow the crowds.

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