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Our Father

“Our Father”

 Sermon Questions for Matt 6:5-8

 Avoid Acting (6:5-6)

Avoid Superstition (6:7-8)

Pursue Relationship (6:9a)

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 SPECIFIC PRAYER  (suggestions)

            Prayer can be thought of as intimate and private, which it is.  However, prayer is also to be done by a community of close knit believers, and even corporately.  As you study payer over the next several weeks, pray for openness, honesty, and transparency.  Pray also that as you go deeper into God’s Word, He would move the group into the local community to reach further.



How would you describe your prayer life?  Nonexistent? Consistent? Routine? Intimate?

Why do you think your prayer life is the way it is? Do you desire a change?

Who taught you to pray?  Who was your example? Have you taught others to prayer? (I was thinking of my own kids on this one)


Read Matthew 6:5-8

Why would Jesus condemn showy, pretentious, hypocritical prayer?  Does this exclude all public prayer?

Jesus also condemns repetitious, ritualistic, superstitious prayer—like the pagans.  We all have a tendency to lean towards one of these.  Which one are you more likely to use?

What is the goal of prayer? Why is praying in solitude important?  Do you spend regular time in praying by yourself? With your family?  With others?

Do you think it is wrong to memorize and recite prayers?  What is the negative of this?  What benefits do you see in praying this way?  What is the difference between Christian prayer and other forms of prayer like mysticism? (ans- who the prayer is directed to)

 Read Matthew 5:9

We are invited to approach God as Father..  What does that mean to you?  What does that do for your prayer life?  Is that a scary concept or a comforting concept?

Approaching God as Father is a high privilege.  Read the following verses and discuss their importance to you: Rom 8:15-16, Gal 4:6, 1 John 3:1.

What does calling God Father imply? (His power, authority, compassion, protection, care, guidance, availability—the perfect human father multiplied by infinity.)

How can we maintain the intimacy and not allow prayer to become religious, mystical, a task or a tool to manipulate others?

If you don’t have that right view of God, what’s gonna happen in your prayer? (You’ll get distracted really easily.  You’ll hear every sound, and you’ll think of a thousand things to do. And your mind will wander.)

Have you ever been out to eat with your spouse, and you’re sitting at the table—just the two of you…and one of you is distracted? And so, instead of focusing on your spouse, and listening and talking with your spouse, you’re just noticing everything else in the room? Can anybody relate to that? If that can happen with a flesh-and-blood person sitting across the table from you, how much easier can it happen with the invisible God that you’re praying to? Right? (If we’re going to learn how to pray, we have to learn to view God as Father.)


Have you ever experienced a time in your life when praying seemed like a necessity rather than a privilege?  Talk about that time.

Has the Lord’s model prayer become ritualistic or repetitious to you?  Since Jesus condemns this, how can you see this prayer with fresh eyes? (see my challenge on my blog)..

When you pray, do you secretly seek the approval of others or of the Father? How do you avoid seeking the approval of others?

Key Words and Further Study:

Luke 6:12, 1 Kings 18:26, or Acts 19:34; and 1 Thess 5:17, Luke 18:1-8, Col 2:18-19; Heb 10:11-23

The Father: Romans 8:15-16; 1 John 3:1; John 1:12

SERVICE (fodder for ideas)

            Since Jesus makes the assumption that we should be praying, let’s begin by praying alone first and then serve our home by praying for them and with them next.  This week, find some time to be alone and pray like this, as a completely dependent child of a good heavenly Father.  Then, begin praying for and praying with the people in your home.  Pray not only for their protection but their intimacy with Jesus. Pray that the Lord will show you over the next several weeks’ people in your life who need to be served and touched with the love of Jesus.

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