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Five Secrets of a Great Church

The 5 Secrets to a Great Church:

  1. Live in harmony/unity. We need to cooperate in the midst of diversity. Bring the ideas to the table and pray about it and seek God's way of leading. It's not about us, that's our problem. It's about blending together and serving God. 
  2. Be sympathetic with one another. Romans 12:15 - rejoice with those who rejoice. We don't always identify with the joy. We get jealous instead. Learn to respond to joy and to sorrow. Don't get preoccupied with your own life so much that you miss the lives of others in the body. Don't be consumed with yourselves. It's not about us, it's about others.
  3. Love one another. cf 1 Peter 1:22. Show sincere love to each other. Love each other deeply. 
  4. Have compassion - a tenderness of heart towards others. This is difficult to do because we are 
    • preoccupied with ourselves, self-centered
    • we've been burned by helping others
    • we get immune to others needs because there is so much need around us. We dull our sensitivity to keep from getting overwhelmed by it.
  5. Be Humble - the principle here is that others are more important than you are. Philippians 2:2-3


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