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How to Deal With Life When It Gets Out of Control

  1. David Prayed - simple, but real. David is struggling in prayer, sincerely reaching out to God. David's prayer was that God would lead him higher, into God's presence. God is never overwhelmed. 
    1. "lead" - David had a willingness to follow. He knew he could trust and follow God. Willing to be submissive to whatever God wanted him to do. 
    2. Are you willing to follow God, do you desire to follow him?
  2. David recalled how God helped him in the past. We like God to deal with the situation, but we aren't too keen on God messing around with us. (Psalm 61:3)
  3. David has confidence that God was able to do it again. Even when it feels like God does not hear, know that he does. (Ps. 61:6-8)