Kettle Falls Community Church

Eternal Life

The Lord Jesus Christ would have us see and understand, as a result of the cross: 1. The right He possesses to offer Eternal Life vs 2 2. The relationship He offers, which is Eternal Life vs 3 3. The requirement that He meets, to pay for Eternal Life vs 4 4. The reverence He deserves, making available Eternal Life vs 5 We thank God and celebrate Eternal Life because it is... 1. ...a promise made by God - Titus 1:2 2. ...a gift to be received - Rom. 6:2 3. ...a security to be comforted by - John 10:28 4. ...a present possession to cherish - John 5:24 5. ...a certainty to celebrate - I John 5:11-13 6. ...a dilemma to be faced - John 6:68