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Mark: The Sovereign Servant

“Route 27”

Author: John is his __________name. Mark is his ____________ name.

  • He was a companion of ________. ( Acts 12:12; 13:5-13; Col. 4:10; II Tim. 4:11)
  • He was a companion of _________ (I Peter 5:13)


Date: Ranges from early date in 50’s A.D. to near 70 A.D. when the Temple was destroyed.  

Recipients: Written foremost to _______________. How do we know?

Compare and Contrast other gospels;

Jesus (Luke) Christ (Matthew) The Son (Mark) of God (John)

Key Verse: Mark 10:45 - This gives us the two fold division of the book:

  • The ministry of the servant. (1:14-8:30)
  • The ransoming work of Christ. (8:31- chapter 16)


Key word: straightway or immediately. Found only seven times in Matthew, one time in Luke, but is found forty two times in Mark.

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