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The Gospel of John

“John is at the same time the simplest and the most profound of the four gospels” William Stevens 



  • Whoever wrote it was an _______________. (1:14)
  • It was written by Jesus ___________ ______________.  He is called “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” (13:23; 19:26; 20:2; 21,20)
  • He also wrote _____ other books.



  • Probably late in John’s life around ________ AD
  • Fragments of the book have been found which date in mid 130’s so it couldn’t have been written after that.



  • Matthew written to Jews
  • Mark written to Romans
  • Luke written to Greeks
  • John written to ____  _________.


Uniqueness of John:


Key words:

  • Believe – 98 times
  • Life – 55 times
  • Others include: Light, darkness, eternal, glory, witness, world, and Father


Purpose of the Gospel: ______________ in nature – (20:30, 31)


John uses three approaches to substantiate his thesis that Jesus is the Son of God

  • Seven sign miracles


  • Eight witnesses



  • “I Am” sayings


Life Lessons:

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