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The Gospel of Matthew

“Route 27”

The Gospel of Matthew



Author: ________________. His name means __________________.


Date: ___________________________


Relationship to the other Gospels: (Ezekiel. 1:10)

  1. Matthew is ___________________ and presents Christ as ____________.


  1. Mark is ________________ and presents Christ as the _______________.


  1. Luke is gentile physician and writes to present Christ as _____________.


  1. John is universal in his appeal and presents “Christ as the ____________.


The Jewish character of Matthew’s Gospel. Matthew answers the kind of questions the Jews would have ask such as…

  1. Could Jesus trace His ancestry back to David?


  1. What relationship did Jesus have with the Law and the Prophets?


  1. Did Jesus keep the Law?


  1. Did Jesus fulfill Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah?


Hints of humility in Matthew


  1. He wanted to show unbelieving Jews that _______________ ___   ___  
  2. He wrote to __________________ Jewish believers.



Central Theme of Matthew: “That it might be ____________________.”



The great question to which Matthew demands an answer is,

" __________________________________?"










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