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What's That Smell?

You absorb the smell of what you are around. 2 Corinthians 2:12-16

• Paul likened himself as a “willing captive,” a proud soldier, or perhaps a proud son being paraded with the conquering king or general, but this being Christ’s victorious procession. EBC, BEC (14a)
o This procession was a means a king or general would use to spread his influence upon the masses.
o Priests would burn incense as part of the procession. This smell to the victors was pleasing, but to the conquered who reject the king it smells of death.

• Walking through open doors provided by God is an opportunity to “spread the aroma of the knowledge of him [Christ].” (12b, 14b)
o The aroma went everywhere they went.
o That aroma was spreading the awareness and knowledge of Christ.

• The pursuit and passion of Paul to know Christ caused him to smell of Christ in a manner that he could not mask or subdue it. * Illustration: Farmer

• Christ transforms lives so significantly that we smell different even to God! (15a)
o God uses that aroma to spread the hope of life in Christ to those who are being saved. (16b)
o That aroma also makes a person aware of their condemnation because they have rejected this knowledge of Christ’s saving work. (16a)

Saturation of Christ’s life in ours comes through the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 2:17-3:6
• The aroma of Christ spreading begins with knowing and speaking the Word. (17)

• The greatest validation of one’s effective ministry is the fruit of those whose lives have been changed. (2-3a)

• That work is not a work of human influence, but rather a work of the Spirit of God in the one who smells of Christ and the one who takes notice of the aroma. (3b)

• This life changing work of Christ is written first on the tablets of our hearts—change from the deepest part of our being! (3c)

• The ability to impact others with the aroma of Christ in us comes from God—he is our competence. (5)

• God has made each of us competent ministers through the Spirit—who is the source of the aroma of Christ in us. (6)

Take Aways.
1. Your life smells of something.

2. If you saturate yourself in the Word and live by the help of God’s Spirit, God will use you to spread the knowledge of Christ.

3. The way you live (your aroma) is a matter of life and death for others.

4. Competency is in Christ and not in your resume of accomplishment. So trust in his work in you.

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