Life Mission Church (Redesign)

Eric Price Ordination Service

When God saves sinners, He doesn't leave them to fend for themselves, but He places them within a family, the church. Additionally, He also appoints some of them to be shepherds, given to the church to care for, feed, and protect them, modeling their ministry after the ministry of the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

On this day, February 14th, 2016, on the 10 year anniversary of his dad's passing, which also was the day that the Lord woke him up from spiritual slumber, Eric Price was ordained as one of these shepherds in the body of Christ.

The morning began with some words from Pastor Jobey on the nature and calling of a pastor, then followed by Eric sharing his testimony. This was then followed by a very emotional and deeply personal video filled with affirmations from various people in Eric's life. From friends, Community Group Leaders, the men who serve on our Outside Advisory Board, and even the two Zambian orphans that the Prices sponsor in Africa, the testimonies were powerful.

We ended the morning with Eric affirming vows before the church, and the church affirming their own vows before each other. Lastly, the church community laid hands on and prayed for Eric as we agreed with the Lord on His appointment of Eric for the work of ministry.

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